Can you help to improve support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families experiencing trauma?

Becoming a parent is exciting but it can be hard, especially for people who have experienced bad or hurtful things in their past. Memories about the past can be ‘stirred up’. This can affect how we feel and make it harder to be the parent we want to be. However, having a baby is also a time to heal past hurt so that we can raise strong and happy kids.

Our Aboriginal-led research team have put together a list of questions that we think might help parents to understand if they are experiencing hurt from their past, and to decide if they would like some support. We are asking parents to help us work out which questions are the best ones to use.

Are you...?

  • Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander?
  • 16 years old or over?
  • Living in NT, SA or Vic?
  • A parent of a child, pregnant, or the partner of someone who is pregnant?

What’s involved in this Aboriginal-led study?

  • Two separate interviews (30 mins to 1 hour each) with a choice of trained Aboriginal or non-Aboriginal interviewers.
  • You will not be asked to share your personal stories and any information you provide will be strictly private and confidential.
  • We will provide supermarket vouchers, a children's book and a gift to thank you for your time.

This study has been approved by the St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne Human Research Ethics Committee (Ref: HREC 060/20, the Aboriginal Human Research Ethics Committee (AHREC Protocol #: 04-20-873) and the Central Australian Human Ethics Committee (Ref: CA-18-3150).

If you are interested in taking part, or you would like to know more, please enter your contact details below. The research team will contact you to talk about the study and to answer any questions you may have about taking part in the study.

Alternatively, you can call or text Cindy on 0492 850 298 or go to our website:

You can then decide if you would like to participate. THIS MEANS YOU CAN SAY "NO"

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